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I am Kashmira Jayaprakash,  a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Kerala, India. I believe that nature and art have the power to spread joy. So I spend my days channeling that and sharing the joy with the world through my creative work.


A bit of history

Growing up surrounded by lush green trees,tropical flowers, birds and plenty of furry friends, I was always fascinated by nature and its magic of colours.


After graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India in 2013 specialising in Fashion design, in 2016, I enrolled in Fashion Media, Marketing, and Communication at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, London.


In the span of 6 years between 2013 and 2019, I worked as a designer in the Middle East under high fashion brands and with a leading fashion retailer in India. This professional experience took me to the world of fabrics, prints, patterns, textures, quality and I learnt about what goes into actualising a design to tangible products and marketing them. This was where I discovered how much I enjoyed creating prints.

The turning point

I spent a lot of time scrolling endlessly on Pinterest, daydreaming, looking at botanical illustrations and the likes, until it hit me that creating such delightful prints and patterns is where my heart lies.


Being an independent surface pattern designer made me feel connected to myself the most - doing what I love, the way I want to, at my own time and pace, exploring my creativity in a way that brought joy to myself and my audience. 


I didn’t have to look far for inspiration - growing up surrounded by lush green trees, tropical flowers, birds, and animals, I was always fascinated by nature and its magic of colours. So, around early 2019, I let my muse walk into my canvas and bloom.


Working regularly on my craft, exploring different styles until I developed my own, interacting with the wonderful community, and learning more about surface pattern design and the business side of things from various skillshare classes and online courses helped me grow.


Once my designs started gaining an audience and clientele, I went from selling on microstock websites to print-on-demand sites like Spoonflower and Society 6 and now, to developing collections and collaborating with businesses and brands around the world.

2022-07-18 16.45.45.jpg
day 1 - doodle +scan copy.jpg
mock up wallpaper  copy.jpg

My process

Apart from my favourite subject to draw, (obvious from the abundance of florals) seeing beautiful colours together inspires me and gets the creative juice flowing in an instant. 


Colours can transport us to a different world, set the whole mood, and tell a different story with each choice.


Once I have the key concept in mind, I work with ink or acrylic, exploring layouts and motifs, before digitising them. Then I create repeat patterns or artworks, and work on colourways.


Having a sketchbook that serves as a library of motifs, for exploring new styles or textures helps me create fresh designs, and saves me from running out of ideas.

And currently,

I feel grateful everyday, for the exciting journey I have had so far, and to be able to lead the life my younger self dreamt of. This would not have been possible without the lovely design community, people who made it on their own, led by example, and were generous enough to share their journey.


Being a part of this community that holds space for all, I am also working to share my learning with up-and-coming designers. Stay tuned for those!


I like to spend my non-working hours reading, taking long walks in nature, practicing yoga and meditation, and watching movies with my mother.  


Here’s to living mindfully, doing what one loves, surrounding oneself with beauty, and spreading happiness through art!

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